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Shark Bay Rules

1. The Shark Bay server has a zero-tolerance policy against harassment, bullying, and discrimination, this includes but is not limited to; racist, sexist, homophobic, or explicit content. We have players of all ages. Not all commentary in chat is suitable for everyone. Please keep inappropriate messages out of chat. Political, Religious, Racial, and adult rated conversations are not welcome. In addition please do not spam chat or advertise other servers in any of our chat channels in game or in discord.

2.  Any act on the Shark Bay server that results in the damage or loss of property belonging to another player, including but not limited to; griefing, raiding, or stealing any item or resource will result in correction action (even if the base is unclaimed).

3.  Use of unauthorized mods, programs, or abuse of glitches that affect gameplay in a way other than intended are prohibited.

4.  Do not impersonate other players including staff members. This includes changing your > nickname to appear as if you were someone else or adding a prefix that may cause confusion among players.

5.  Please use English in public chat. This rule is in effect so staff members can effectively monitor chat. Please use private messages for all other languages. We celebrate your ability to speak, write, and understand another language; however, to effectively monitor the server we require English to be written in chat.

6.  Do not use the overworld for mining. Please use the provided dimension for mining. We would like to keep the overworld nice and for the use of player bases and builds.

7.  Do not evade our AFK timer. Using a third-party program, creating an AFK bypass build, or using an item that would cause the AFK detection system to not kick you while AFK is prohibited.

8.  Shark Bay does not recover items lost to mod bugs and user error, neither of which we are responsible for. This also includes items lost to raiding or griefing. Staff will decide if an item should be recovered on a case by case basis.

9.  Spawner Rules: Mobs must be spawned and killed in the same chunk in a quick manner. Items that are dropped by these mobs must be gathered up quickly by a vacuum hopper or collector. All spawners must be turned OFF before logging out for the day. Please limit active spawners to 2 at a time. 

   - Certain mob grinder designs may cause lag and we will ask you to modify the build to decrease the             lag created by the grinder. Please respect staff decisions when it comes to these types of situations.

   - Laggy Builds: If any build or creation is causing an unusual amount of lag, we may ask you to do                  something about it. If staff is unable to contact you, we will be forced to make modifications in order          to turn off or reduce the lag produced from the build.

9.  No cheating. Players caught duping or abusing mod glitches in game will be subject to punishment.

   - Unclaimed Bases: In your travels you may find bases or chests that are unclaimed. Do not steal from          these player-made bases. We have a no raid, stealing, or griefing policy on this server. If you did not          make or gather the item yourself, or if a player did not donate the item(s) to you then please leave it          alone.

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